From the Archives of Gary Tucker

The pictures of Herbie Gamble, Larry, Linda and I were
Christmas 1961 at Johnson Circle Housing only a couple doors from Ken
Chunn. Linda and I  tried to give some of the single guys a little
Christmas cheer. The pictures on the beach were at Kiena Point where we
went regularly this is where Roger Hathaway rode his bike a little to
close to the water. Would you consider posting on your Cusk page and see
if anyone recognizes any of the unknown. Looking forward to Deadwood.

Gary Tucker

Herbie and Larry


Gary, Rick, Linda & Larry

HerbieGamble.JPG (70830 bytes)

Herbie Gamble

Kiena Point

LarryMike.JPG (29937 bytes)

Larry & Mike

mike_and_who.jpg (108032 bytes)

Mike and ???

who_linda_me.jpg (101165 bytes)

???, Linda & Gary